Engineer Toolset

The right tools to easily and effectively troubleshoot your network

Over 60 must-have network diagnostic and troubleshooting tools

The right tools to easily & efficiently troubleshoot your network

  • - A perfect network tool in one complete & affordable package
  • - Monitoring, diagnostic, configuration, discovery, SNMP and Cisco® management tools
  • - Manage nodes on Orion® for easy device diagnostics and alerting

Intuitive Web console for quick launch

Quickly launch some of the most familiar tools from any Web console. These tools include Interface Monitor, Response Time Monitor, Memory Monitor, CPU Monitor, and TraceRoute.

Key Features

Interface Monitor

Simultaneously monitor real-time interface statistics for switches & routers.


Ensure your network security with convenient tools including Router Password Decryption, SNMP Dictionary Attack & SNMP Brute Force Attack.

Memory Monitor

Monitor memory usage in real-time. View current memory utilization alongside the entire memory available.


Trace the route of a network communication path, and investigate the performance & latency of each hop across the path.

Response Time Monitor

Monitor availability of various devices in real-time. Collect data from network latency & availability information in a tabular form.

CPU Monitor

Monitor CPU load for various devices. Set warning & alert thresholds for each device individually.


System Requirements

Hard Drive

Desktop: 640MB
Web/Server: 4GB


Desktop: 128MB
Web/Server: 4GB


IE 8 and later
FF 14 and later

Web Server

Microsoft® IIS, version 6.5 and higher, in 32‑bit mode

Operating System

One of the following 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems is required:
- Windows Server® 2012
- Windows Server 2008 and R2
- Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later
- Windows® XP SP3 or later
- Windows Vista Business and Ultimate editions
- Windows 7
- Windows 8


Network card or modem required; sound card recommended, but not required.


Some of the clients using Solarwinds

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