Network Performance Monitor

Network Performance Monitoring tool that is best-in-breed

Reduce network outages & improve performance with SolarWinds advanced network monitoring software

Excellent network troubleshooting for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud services with critical path hop-by-hop analysis

Monitor the whole network performance, traffic, & configuration details along the service delivery path with critical path visualization, regardless of device location.

Performance, Multi-vendor fault & availability with NPM 12

Reduce network outages & quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve any network performance problems with affordable and easy-to-use network monitoring software.

Key Features

Dynamic wired and wireless network discovery & mapping

Respond to various condition checks, correlated events, network topology, and device dependencies.

Wireless network monitoring & management

Retrieve performance metrics for autonomous access points, clients and wireless controllers.

Comprehensive monitoring - F5 BIG-IP family of products.

Monitor the health and performance of your F5 service delivery environment more efficiently.

Customizable topology & dependency-aware intelligent alerts

Respond to various condition checks, correlated events, network topology, & device dependencies

Automated capacity forecasting, alerting, & reporting

Automatically determine exhaustion dates via customizable thresholds based on peak & average usage

Consultant & services-free deployment

Install & Deploy NPM 12 with out-of-the-box monitors, alerts, and reports in around an hour


System Requirements

Hard Drive

20 GB


3 GB


Dual Processor, 3 GHz

Operating System

Windows ServerĀ® 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2012 R2


Supports Express, Standard, or Enterprise versions of the following:
- SQL Server 2008, 2008 SP1, 2008 SP2, 2008 SP3, or 2008 SP4
- SQL Server 2008 R2, 2008 R2 SP1, 2008 R2 SP2, or 2008 R2 SP3
- SQL Server 2012, 2012 SP1, 2012 SP2, or 2012 SP3
- SQL Server 2014, or 2014 SP1
- SQL Server 2016

.Net Framework

.NET 4.5


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